Templeton lecture: Anton Zeilinger

8 November 2012

Professor Anton Zeilinger
Professor Anton Zeilinger

In his criticism of quantum mechanics Albert Einstein focused on the physics of individual quantum systems. He criticised the inherent randomness of individual events: "God does not play dice". He turned out to be not correct.

This talk will focus on recent experiments and will demonstrate how those fundamental points which Einstein criticised have become cornerstones of quantum communication, quantum teleportation, and quantum computation.

Professor Anton Zeilinger is best known for his work on the foundations of quantum mechanics and their applications in quantum information technology, such as quantum computation and cryptography. In 2005 The New Statesman named Zeilinger (along with Barack Obama) as one of the ten people who could change the world.

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Eastern Avenue Auditorium

Cost: Free

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