Improving communication about immunisation

7 November 2012

Dr Julie Leask
Dr Julie Leask

Presenter: Dr Julie Leask

It has been said that vaccines are a victim of their own success - that as the collective memory of diseases like polio and diphtheria dims, people increasingly focus on the risks of vaccines and are declining them. High profile vaccine scares have led to growing levels of concern about vaccine acceptance globally. Providers report increasing questioning from parents. Local trends indicate small downward shifts in support for vaccines.

My postdoctoral research will attempt to understand and address vaccine hesitancy; find ways to engage with vaccine-resistant communities; and trial interventions to improve risk communication.

The seminar will describe these projects. I will also tell you how I came to be in this field which includes a story about school holidays, my aunt's farm and toothpaste.

Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Location: Marjorie Oldfield Lecture Theatre, Edward Ford Building (A27)

Cost: Free

Contact: Susan Martinez

Phone: 9036 5336

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