Positive Computing: How can technology support wellbeing?

14 November 2012
Rafael Calvo
Rafael Calvo

Join us for a CoCo-CHAI-LATTE seminar by Associate Professor Rafael Calvo titled 'Positive Computing: How can technology support wellbeing?'
Digital technologies have made their way into all the aspects of our lives that, according to psychology, influence our wellbeing - everything from social relationships and curiosity to engagement and meaning. As computers are gradually embedded into all the life experiences that shape us, isn't it our responsibility to expect more from the way they impact our lives?

By bringing together research and methodologies well-established in psychology, education, neuroscience and human-computer interaction, we can begin to cultivate a new field dedicated to the design and development of technology that supports wellbeing and human potential.

In this seminar we will present an interdisciplinary framework for research and development in positive computing. We will provide examples of related work in e-therapy, positive psychology and Human-Computer-Interaction and look at the potential for including wellbeing considerations into the design of all technology. We will also look specifically at how this area can be informed by, and benefit, education research.

This seminar will be available live online at

Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm

Location: Education Building (A35), Room 230

Cost: Free

Contact: Sadhbh Warren

Phone: 9351 2612

Email: 5223141b211f360f192008640b291e4d2b07

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