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  • Girls in Tech: Inspiring the Next Generation of Creative, Entrepreneurial and Digital Women.[27 May 2016]

    Get Down with DNS

    Did you know only a quarter of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians are women? More

  • Get down with DNA[27 May 2016]

    Get Down with DNS

    Explore cutting edge applications of DNA science at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney with Dr Ellen Jorgensen from Brooklyn. More

  • Bouncing Batteries[27 May 2016]

    Bouncing Batteries Science Alliance

    An ordinary family can easily have dozens of alkaline batteries operating in various devices around the house. They'll be in smoke detectors and remote controls, thermostat controls and wall clocks, children's toys, flashlights and the like. More

  • SUMS[27 May 2016]


    Sydney University Mathematics Society -, said as SUMS, spelt ƩUMS, because the upper case Greek letter '"Ʃ'" is the symbol for '"sum'" in mathematics -, calls itself a club for students with an interest in any and all things maths-related. More

  • Talented Student Program visits Westmead[10 May 2016]

    TSP students

    A group of students from the Faculty of Science's Talented Student Program (TSP) visited the Westmead health precinct on 9 May, to find out more about the breadth and depth of research opportunities on offer. More

  • Maths: Womens' Work[21 March 2016]

    Dr Clio Cresswell

    Dr Clio Cresswell is a mathematician, writer, and media personality. She is a visiting fellow at the school of mathematics at the University of New South Wales, Australia. More

  • Sydney University's Nanoscience Hub makes the news[9 March 2016]

    Uni takes a quantum leap into scienceâs next frontier - In the News

    A small team of scientists is helping to kick-start the next scientific revolution, writes Marcus Strom from the Sydney Morning Herald. More

  • Schools Outreach Save the Dates[1 March 2016]

    Science Alliance

    Mark the dates for Mega Maths Day, Camden Open Day and the Agriculture HSC Seminar More

  • Hello and welcome to Science Alliance for 2016.[1 March 2016]

    Adam Spencer

    As the University's Mathematics and Science Ambassador, I've had great fun hitting the ground running this year and would like to share a couple of those experiences. More

  • Welcome to the Ideas Boom[1 March 2016]

    Ideas Boom

    You may have noticed the Ideas Boom television commercials and bright yellow ads popping up in bus shelters and other public places in the past month. The Ideas Boom is the Australian Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) that positions innovation and science as the key to new sources of growth, high-wage jobs and economic prosperity. More

  • The Science of being Aboriginal[1 March 2016]

    Slippery Surfaces - How nanoscience is changing our material world

    In this enlightened age of genetic research there have been some amazing revelations about our Australian Aboriginal ancestry using DNA testing. Research from Copenhagen University has revealed that the results of genetic tests performed on a one hundred year old piece of hair from an Aboriginal man shows that Aboriginal people were the first to migrate out of Africa approximately 70,000 years ago. More

  • Slippery Surfaces - How nanoscience is changing our material world[1 March 2016]

    Slippery Surfaces - How nanoscience is changing our material world

    Slippery Surfaces - How nanoscience is changing our material world More