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  • Explore Future Earth[5 July 2017]

    The schools theme for this year's National Science Week (12 to 20 August) is Future Earth, and Australian schools are encouraged to explore the science behind sustainability, and to find out about sustainability issues that are unique to our region. More

  • The talent of the future looks bright[5 July 2017]

    World class student initiative gets Adam's tick of approval for enabling the science stars of the future. More

  • Welcome to sexy prime 2017![1 February 2017]

    Welcome to sexy prime 2017!

    2017 is a prime number. Most people will be able to follow that, but they probably won't know that 2017 isn't just any old type of prime. More

  • Alcohol & Hearing [28 November 2016]

    Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

    It's hard to pinpoint exactly. But at every party, there comes a stage when the mood picks up. People have drunk enough alcohol to reach the point where they loosen their inhibitions, and start relaxing and dancing. The observable link to the effect of the alcohol is that the noise level goes up with the mood. More

  • When the stars align[25 November 2016]

    When the stars align

    As a kid it seemed like a long, long drive to me. My father would point out the distant Sydney city skyline barely visible on the horizon. The buildings looked like the illustrations I had seen of ancient civilisations or alien outposts compared to the wild, green, rocky landscape of our D'harawal Country in the Royal National Park. It also seemed like nothing particularly unusual to me that my father could navigate by the plants and other unassuming landmarks to find the hidden bush entrance that lead to our family's secret, ancient, sandstone rock engravings. I had no idea as a kid that what I was a part of was our living Dreaming, a manifestation of the Ancestors and their knowledges passed on from generation to generation. It is only as an adult that I realised that not all families made these pilgrimages. Not everyone was taught which plant lead to a secret path in the wild bush. Not everyone was a "D'harawal garigalonung" (D'harawal Saltwater person). More

  • Hello Science Alliancers and welcome to our last newsletter of the year.[25 November 2016]

    Adam Spencer's Time Machine

    Hello Science Alliancers and welcome to our last newsletter of the year. It comes to you in late November, a time you might notice is marked by the plethora of Christmas ads on TV or perhaps the absence of year 12 students in your schoolyard. But November to me is characterised by feeding the media beast as I hawk my latest book. More

  • What do you do with a calculator?[25 November 2016]

    Dr Clio Cresswell

    When should we start using calculators at school? A good question, which I am best to stay away from! This question is loaded with too many arguments concerning the role of rote learning in a young person's development. Yes, it hurts! But there is reason to believe it's the way to build pattern recognition and to free up thinking for harder problems. I will let that debate go on. More

  • New STEM grants for schools[25 November 2016]

    New STEM grants for schools

    New funding has recently been announced by the Australian Government under the Inspiring Australia initiative to help foster STEM innovation in schools. If you have students intending to participate in STEM events and competitions, including those held overseas, take a look at the program guidelines. More

  • Australian research identifies food and nutrition challenges for rural Myanmar[19 November 2016]

    Australian research identifies food and nutrition challenges for rural Myanmar

    Australian research identifies food and nutrition challenges for rural Myanmar More

  • ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom Collaboration[25 October 2016]

    ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom Collaboration

    The first collaboration between ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom was held on 19 October, hosted at the University of Sydney with student and teacher participants from all over Australia. More

  • CUBESATS on Catalyst[19 October 2016]

    CUBESATS on Catalyst

    Tiny cube satellites revolutionise our access to space. Space has always been the playground of very big players with very deep pockets - but not anymore. It's now being invaded by a new breed of cheap, innovative satellites, smaller than a loaf of bread. More

  • Four Winds Bioblitz[17 October 2016]

    Four Winds Bioblitz

    Four Winds, in partnership with the Atlas of Life, is proud to announce a collaborative and unique event near Bermagui on the Far South Coast of NSW that features two fun-filled days of music, nature and shared creativity. Everyone is welcome to join over 60 guided surveys including flora walks, reptile hunts, peacock spider searches, night-time moth and possum surveys and motion sensitive camera trap discoveries. More