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  • Revealing Light[1 December 2015]

    Sunlight streaming through trees in a forest

    Light is critical to our existence. It played a role in how organic molecules - and therefore living cells - developed on Earth in the first place, but now we use it for medicine, communications, entertainment and culture. Even something as everyday as supermarket checkouts scan product barcodes using light! More

  • Breaking the seal[30 November 2015]

    Breaking the seal

    If you've ever had a long night out at the pub, you will have run across the strange phenomenon called 'breaking the seal'. More

  • Will my boomerang come back?[30 November 2015]

    A boomerang on display

    As a modern day D'harawal I am very blessed to know a lot about my Aboriginal family and culture; many Aboriginal people are not so fortunate particularly those from the initial point of European contact in the Sydney region. One of my favourite pastimes is googling my family, particularly my great grandfather, Tom Foster. More

  • Young scientists awarded, embark on year-long campaign[27 October 2015]

    Winners of the 2015 Tall Poppy Awards

    Awards by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science have recognised early career scientists who combine world-class research with a commitment to communication. More

  • Dr Michael Bowen wins NSW Early Career Researcher of the Year[8 October 2015]

    Michael Bowen

    Dr Michael Bowen, from the School of Psychology, has won the NSW Early Career Researcher of the Year award, the first time this prize has been offered as part of the NSW Premier's Prizes for Science and Engineering. More

  • Life saving mathematics[14 September 2015]

    Dr Clio Cresswell

    Associate Professor Samuel Müller is fascinated by sample spaces and how to extract information from them. He looks for patterns in data from a variety of disciplines, such as chemistry, biology and economics. Some of his recent work uses medical information with an analysis of melanoma data. More

  • University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize[9 September 2015]

    The 2015 Sleek Geeks Eureka Prize finalists with Dr Karl and Adam Spencer

    One of the most popular parts of the science calendar is the annual University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize, where primary and high school students create entertaining three minute videos on a science topic of their choice. More

  • The Aboriginal science behind Sydney's nightmare traffic[9 September 2015]

    Traffic in the Sydney CBD

    Vic Lorusso may be able to relay to you live the accidents, truck breakdowns and general traffic chaos that is Sydney, but to get a real understanding of what is at the root of the problems with Sydney's roads you need to take a look at the ancient Sydney that was created by our Aboriginal Custodians and Caretakers with the use of fire. More

  • Madame Curie - the pioneer of radioactivity[9 September 2015]

    Marie Curie

    Born in 1867, Marie Curie was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. More

  • Jumping seamlessly through time[9 September 2015]

    Wendy Zukerman, Wil Anderson, Professor Trevor Hambley, Cleo Loi, Dr Karl and Adam Spencer

    I had a great night a few weeks back striding across the Manning Bar stage, at the University of Sydney, with my fellow Sleek Geek, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, in our show 'Sleek Geeks Live - Unplugged and Unplanned' for National Science Week in August. More

  • Eureka Prize for Associate Professor Michael J. Biercuk[27 August 2015]

    Michael Biercuk

    Associate Professor Michael J. Biercuk, from the School of Physics and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems, has won the Eureka Prize for Outstanding Early Career Researcher, presented at a gala dinner on 26 August in the Sydney Town Hall. More

  • Mr Gordon Wood correction[21 August 2015]

    Abstract image

    Details of Mr Gordon Wood correction More