Other News

  • This Australian astronomer went to Bavaria to look across the universe[15 April 2018]

    This Australian astronomer went to Bavaria to look across the universe

    Sydney University's Professor Geraint Lewis' job is to look half way across the universe at something invisible. More

  • 5 biggest challenges facing Australian water[20 March 2018]

    Australian water catchments

    World Water Day is a day we can focus our attention on the importance of water and some of the challenges faced managing Australian water catchments and supply. More

  • Academic Advice Sessions[15 December 2016]

    Academic advice sessions

    The Faculty of Science will be holding in-person academic advice sessions for enrolment for Semester 1, 2017 for both new and continuing undergraduate students for full-degree advice and unit of study selection. Advice sessions will focus on the provision of advice and assistance with degree structuring and unit of study choice. More

  • Australian research identifies food and nutrition challenges for rural Myanmar[19 November 2016]

    Australian research identifies food and nutrition challenges for rural Myanmar

    Australian research identifies food and nutrition challenges for rural Myanmar More

  • ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom Collaboration[25 October 2016]

    ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom Collaboration

    The first collaboration between ASELL Schools and CAASTRO in the Classroom was held on 19 October, hosted at the University of Sydney with student and teacher participants from all over Australia. More

  • CUBESATS on Catalyst[19 October 2016]

    CUBESATS on Catalyst

    Tiny cube satellites revolutionise our access to space. Space has always been the playground of very big players with very deep pockets - but not anymore. It's now being invaded by a new breed of cheap, innovative satellites, smaller than a loaf of bread. More

  • Four Winds Bioblitz[17 October 2016]

    Four Winds Bioblitz

    Four Winds, in partnership with the Atlas of Life, is proud to announce a collaborative and unique event near Bermagui on the Far South Coast of NSW that features two fun-filled days of music, nature and shared creativity. Everyone is welcome to join over 60 guided surveys including flora walks, reptile hunts, peacock spider searches, night-time moth and possum surveys and motion sensitive camera trap discoveries. More

  • Go Wild in the Garden: it's a real buzz![17 October 2016]

    Go Wild in the Garden: itâs a real buzz!

    The Murray Science Hub is ushering in Spring with a hands on approach to environmental education with Go Wild in the Garden, a fun and informative way for the whole family to learn about pollination and its vital role in the natural world. Participants get to make their very own Pollinator Inn with acclaimed sculptor Joanne Diver sharing information on how community members can help encourage our native pollinators to get wild in their own gardens. More

  • Young Tall Poppy NSW winners[17 October 2016]

    Young Tall Poppy NSW winners

    The Tall Poppy awards are run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science to honour up-and-coming scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science. More

  • Community attitudes to genetic testing[17 October 2016]

    Community attitudes to genetic testing

    Are you curious about some or all of your genes? What would you use your genetic information for? Would you trust it? Would you share it? A team of Australian researchers wants to know your views. The Genioz project aims to understand Australians' views and expectations of new tests that provide people access to their own genetic information. More

  • Be part of Inspiring Science at the library[17 October 2016]

    Be part of Inspiring Science at the library

    For the past two years, Inspiring Australia has presented regular talks at Ultimo Library, with two early career researchers invited each month to share their knowledge with community members. These events have proved popular with both the scientists involved and library patrons, who appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the relevance of science to everyday life. We are now seeking researchers for our 2017 season, with free presentation skills training provided to participants in February 2017. More

  • Exploring the climactic anomaly[17 October 2016]

    Exploring the climactic anomaly

    In a sequel to a science-art collaboration devised in 2009 entitled, Ten Trenches, geomorphologist Dr Tim Cohen and his artistic director brother Dr Michael Cohen led around 1000 people out into the paddocks of the historic Bundanon Homestead for The Medieval Bundanon. Part of Siteworks, an annual event that brings scientists, artists and community voices together to share ideas, this unique performance invited the audience to sit around a deep trench at dusk and contemplate the Medieval Warm Period (950 -1250 AD). More