Sydney University's Nanoscience Hub makes the news

9 March 2016

A small team of scientists is helping to kick-start the next scientific revolution, writes Marcus Strom.

In a lab engineered to within an inch of its life, Michael Biercuk is working to change the world for-ever, in ways that even he doesn't quite understand. Dr Biercuk has built a room that is one of only five in the world. Each one operates under exacting environmental controls. Two of them are run by the US government, another is run by IBM in Zurich and a fourth is at Harvard University.

His lab at the University of Sydney cost more than $10 million before a single piece of equipment was in- stalled. Here, science at the size of a billionth of a metre is carried out. It is at this scale where the quantum states of individual atoms and electrons are isolated and manipulated to build the technology of the future.

'The whole idea is to make quantum systems do useful things,' Dr Biercuk said.

'My job is to work out their funda- mental function and build a toolkit of control techniques.'

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