Get down with DNA

27 May 2016

Explore cutting edge applications of DNA science at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney with Dr Ellen Jorgensen from Brooklyn. This is a unique, hands on opportunity for Stage 6 biology students and their teachers will explore exciting DIY bio techniques and the amazing things biohackers do. The DIY bio movement is exciting as it gives bio-entrepreneurs low-cost access to facilities for proof-of-concept experiments.
An international guest for Sydney Science Festival, Dr Ellen Jorgensen is co-founder and director of Genspace, a non-profit community laboratory dedicated to promoting citizen science and access to biotechnology.
Participants will first attend a presentation by Dr Jorgensen then cycle through exciting hands-on science workshops led by Sydney's leading science organisations including the Royal Botanic Garden, Taronga Conservation Society and the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics. Students will also experience a behind the scenes tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens science labs and participate in an interactive demonstration of plant DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis and visualise DNA using a DNA transilluminator.

DNA Study Day for Stage 6 Biology Students at The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Thursday 18th August, 2016. 9.00am - 4.00pm.


For more information contact Erin Town:
Community and Education Programs Office, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
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