Up to four PhD stipends in Pollination Ecology

4 July 2016

Professor Ben Oldroyd and Dr Tanya Latty have recently secured funding from the Australian Government for a project that will examine the biology of pollinating insects in Australian crops, with a focus on native social bees (Tetragonula and Austroplebiaspecies), honey bees and solitary pollinators. We will develop new methods of assessing the density of pollinators at both landscape and crop scales. We are interested in the interactions of pollinator species within crops, and how native vegetation on farms can increase profits by enhancing pollinator numbers.

Up to four scholarships are available.The stipend is currently $AUD26,288tax free and tuition will be paid.Australian students with an APA will be paid a top up scholarship. The project is well resourced for field work and technicalassistance and the laboratory facilities available are excellent.There will be the opportunity for paid demonstrator work.

The project is part of a widerresearch network with nodes at the University of Adelaide and the University of New England. Students will be encouraged to take advantage of the collaborations and different experiences in the network.

Applicants should have a four year bachelor degree with a research project component. TheUniversity has requirements for proficiency in English.

Informal enquiries should be made to Professor Ben Oldroyd

Contact: Professor Ben Oldroyd

Email: 28311d092c2e18276628471614003d5517431a0059554d4f1c0e47192d47