The talent of the future looks bright

5 July 2017

Hello members of the Science Alliance.

So much has been happening at the University since my last column, with highlights including the recent Mega Maths Day, where year 10 students descended upon the University to participate in hands-on workshops applying mathematics to biology, engineering and computer science; and the inaugural Simon Marais Lecture on the mathematics of déjà vu given by Professor Amie Wilkinson from the University of Chicago.

But for me, the pinnacle of all highlights was my first ever opportunity to host one of the University's famous Talented Student Program (TSP) showcases.

The TSP allows exceptional first-year science students to participate in a research project, mentored by a third-year TSP representative and supervised by senior academic staff.

The quality of work presented, on topics as diverse as cutting edge genetic techniques, to accurately measuring deaths from natural disasters, to how you would put a cover over a donut... in four dimensions... was wonderful and confirmed the TSP's reputation as a world class student initiative.

Sincere congratulations to all involved and who knows, one of your students may be TSPing in years to come!

As a little bonus, this Science Alliance features a brain buster from one of my books. Try your hand at the gorgeous but daunting Nurikabe puzzle and please share amongst your students and colleagues.

Yours in science

Adam Spencer