3 research scholarships from science you should know

21 February 2018


Our scholarship programs aim to provide financial support to students and assist them to excel academically. At the Faculty of Science we have many Science Research Scholarships, covering research topics from ambient sea noises to analysing viruses. Here are 3 research scholarships from science you should know about;

School of Geosciences

The Defence Science and Technology (DST) Ambient Sea Noise and Ocean Soundscapes Scholarship

Ambient sea noise is the background noise from all sound sources in the ocean, including offshore breaking waves, the sounds of marine animals and shipping. It is the main part of the soundscape of the ocean. Sound travels to great distances in the ocean and is the main means of sending information underwater for both humans and marine animals. Ambient noise varies wildly as conditions vary and consequently causes wide variation in sonar performance and the effectiveness of marine animal communication. It is an important factor in the design and operation of sonars and in understanding how marine animals use sound, including the way they are affected by the noise of human activities.

School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Postgraduate Research Scholarship in the Ecology and Evolution of Viruses (Domestic)

A number of full-time postgraduate PhD studentships will be provided by the University of Sydney associated with an ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship recently awarded to Professor Edward C. Holmes. The Project will employ novel genomic analyses of viruses from Australian fauna to resolve major questions in RNA virus ecology and evolution

Dean's Scholarship

Dean's International Postgraduate Research Scholarships for the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers a limited number of full-time postgraduate research scholarships to outstanding international students wishing to undertake a research doctorate degree (PhD) in Science.