Lessons from an extraordinary woman

26 February 2018

What Ruth Gall's career can teach us.

Associate Professor Ruth Gall (1923 - 2017) led an extraordinary and unpredictable life. Her unique journey and experiences demonstrate that taking the path less travelled can be extremely rewarding and result in a very successful career.

To celebrate Ruth's life, we took a look at her career to pinpoint just some of the lessons that could be learnt about education, resilience, change in direction, and determination.

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Ruth Gall nee Lack passed away on 10 July, 2017. She is remembered as an amazing mentor, lecturer, wife and daughter. She inspired everyone around her and had an exuberance for life. The University of Sydney celebrates her life at the Ruth Gall Memorial Lecture fittingly held on International Women's Day, 8 March, 2018.