Radius of the Lost Arc

2 October 2008

Dissatisfied by the most recent Indiana Jones movie sequel? Come get the quality sequel you deserve at the 2008 Science Revue: Radius of the Lost Arc.

Radius of the Lost Arc - the 2008 Science Revue.
Radius of the Lost Arc - the 2008 Science Revue.

Our prestigious scientists have closely examined every frame and every stunt to ensure that our show conforms to natural laws of the universe (because everyone knows that if you want to escape from a nuclear blast you should use a freezer not a fridge) and that, unlike certain sequels, there are no bad Russian accents (mainly because we're traditionalists and like to stick to bad German accents.)

With witty sketches, amusing parody songs, unnecessary nudity and absolute scientific accuracy*, Radius of the Lost Arc will give you something to smile about. So whether you dream of majoring in theoretical mathematics, or don't know a quark from a quasar, come and see Radius of the Lost Arc.

Because at least we won't resort to using aliens. Damn you Lucas.

* well... alright, there are a lot of inaccuracies but we'll just blame it on quantum mechanics!

About the Science Revue

After years of seeing other faculty's very entertaining revues, a few scientists decided it was high time that the Faculty of Science showcased its own talents.

Thus, the Science Revue was born.

The Science Revue Society was established in 2005 to showcase the talents of members of the University of Sydney's Faculty of Science through the management of the Society and production of the Revue. The inaugural performance in 2006, 'Quantum Tunnelling for Dummies', wowed audiences and critics. In 2007, 'Pulp Friction' again showcased the talents of the performers and secured the Science Revue's place in the University of Sydney's Revue program.

In 2008, the Science Revue 'Radius of the Lost Arc' is bigger, better, and even more carbon neutral than ever before.

Radius of the Lost Arc details:

Running season: Thursday 9 October 2008 - Saturday 11 October 2008
Time: 7:30pm
Access card holder: $15 + booking fee
Student: $18 + booking fee
Adult: $20 + booking fee

Book at or at the Manning ticket desk (open from 11am - 3pm on Tuesday to Friday in Week 10, outside Manning Building).

Contact: for ticket enquiries if you're interested in being involved next year for other enquiries

Contact: Katynna Gill

Phone: 02 9351 6997

Email: 12591d2f280124781d583f36375e060a155b33023959111c