Beaming with pride: Celebrating 50 years of laser innovation

1 November 2010

We use lasers every day, but where and how? Find out at this free Sydney Science Forum public talk by eminent laser physicist, Professor Barry Luther-Davies, as part of Laser Fest - celebrating 50 years of laser innovation.

The first laser beam was created in 1960 with scientific research as the only imaginable use; since then laser usage has increased so much that in 2010 we rely on them daily. Lasers scan our barcodes at the shops, are in our computers, music and film players, and help us log onto the internet and use our phones. Long before they were actually invented, scientists predicted that lasers could be made and science fiction writers had employed them in their stories. But in 2010, lasers are used in ways few science fiction writers could have ever imagined!

How will we use lasers in the future? Professor Luther-Davies will give you a glimpse into the fascinating world of lasers and the way they light our modern world.

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Sydney Science Forum - Beaming with Pride: Celebrating 50 Years of Laser Innovation
Date: Wednesday 10 November
Time: 5.45pm-6.45pm
Venue: Eastern Ave Auditorium, Eastern Ave Complex, The University of Sydney
Cost: FREE

Contact: Sydney Science Forum

Phone: 02 9351 3021

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