Three new Fellows of Australian Academy of Science elected from Faculty of Science

25 March 2011

Three scientists from the Faculty of Science have been honoured by being elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science. Professor Trevor Hambley, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, from the School of Chemistry, and Professor Ross McPhedran, from the School of Physics, were named as new Fellows on 23 March 2011.

The three were chosen in a group of only seventeen leading scientists from across Australia to be named as new Fellows of the Academy, recognising careers that have significantly advanced the world's store of scientific knowledge.

Professor Trevor Hambley
Professor Trevor Hambley

President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Suzanne Cory welcomed the new Fellows, saying, "I congratulate all of our new Fellows on their stellar scientific achievements and this well-deserved recognition. I look forward to welcoming them at our annual Science at the Shine Dome event in Canberra this May, during which they will speak about their research."

Professor Trevor Hambley, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer and Professor Ross McPhedran will be formally inducted as Fellows on 5 May 2011 at the Shine Dome in Canberra, and will each present on their research as part of the Science at the Shine Dome event.

Professor Trevor Hambley is honoured for his work in bioinorganic chemistry, crystallography and molecular mechanics, including multidisciplinary research on metal anti-cancer drugs.

"I am honoured by the election to Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Science and greatly appreciate the recognition of my work and that of my many research group members over the past 25 years. At Science at the Shine Dome, I will talk about our current work aimed at developing selective treatment for solid tumours," said Professor Hambley.

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer
Professor Thomas Maschmeyer

"Having three members of staff elected in one year is wonderful recognition of the standing of our staff and the contributions they have made to science."

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer is distinguished for his work on materials and catalysis with applications in pharmaceuticals, process intensification and biofuels.

"The election to a national academy is a great honour for any academic, and in particular as the Australian Academy of Science has an outstanding international reputation, it is a very significant recognition of my and my various group members' work and a very welcome endorsement of one's activities by an independent body of the highest calibre," said Professor Maschmeyer.

"I will speak at Science at the Shine Dome about catalysis being one of the key technologies that enables the solutions that we need to create for the future of our planet."

Professor Ross McPhedran is recognised for his work in wave science leading to improved performance in microstructured optical fibres, diffraction gratings and photonic crystals. He works in CUDOS, the Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems, in the School of Physics.

Professor Ross McPhedran
Professor Ross McPhedran

"Being elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science is a high-point of my career. I know and respect highly many Fellows of the Academy, so I count it as a great honour to join their number," said Professor McPhedran.

"I will be attending Science at the Shine Dome and will present on my work, covering things like research on solar energy, design of security devices for bank notes, iridescence in sea creatures, designs for cloaking objects (rendering them invisible) and new types of optical fibres for faster communication networks."

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