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April 2014
NSW Land clearing law saves native mammals, but more could be done   View Summary
9 April 2014
Image of dingoA new report estimates the New South Wales Native Vegetation Act, which prohibits broad-scale clearing of forests,has saved 265,000 native mammals in just five years.
Top physicist Harry Messel recognised with prestigious Academy Medal   View Summary
2 April 2014
Image of Harry MesselThe creator of one of Australia's best-remembered high school text books, Professor Harry Messel AC CBE, has been awarded one of the Australian Academy of Science's highest honours, the Academy Medal.
Dingo defined thanks to scientists' museum search    View Summary
1 April 2014
Image of dingoThe dingo has been definitively classified as a distinct Australian animal thanks to new research led by the University of Sydney.
March 2014
An advance in understanding drug 'habits' and their treatment    View Summary
26 March 2014
Image of cocaineCocaine promotes habitual behaviours and these can potentially be reversed with the use of an antioxidant, research at the University of Sydney has shown.
Planet terror: we all have a role to play in disaster response    View Summary
19 March 2014
Image of Planet Terror posterOn 19 March Professor Dominey-Howes will present 'Planet Terror: Is Earth Becoming More Dangerous?' at a Sydney Science Forum and will discuss what we can we do about preparing for, and responding to, natural disasters.
Physics Foundation reaches 60-year milestone   View Summary
17 March 2014
Image of H MesselThe year 2014 marks the 60th year of the University of Sydney Physics Foundation.
Safe, nutritious food for all - the challenge of food security in the 21st century   View Summary
12 March 2014
Image of people in a villageThe University of Sydney is holding a public event to explore the many complex challenges to achieving global food security.
Nacho pops science   View Summary
10 March 2014
Nacho Pop in the labParticle physics, astronomy, bioethics - Nate 'Nacho Pop' Mendelsohn's interests are as varied as his mastery of dance styles, from hip hop to boogaloo, from puppet style to Harlem shaking.
How the world missed out on a Saharan Atlantic ocean    View Summary
5 March 2014
Image of the EarthWhen dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, land could have torn apart to create a Saharan ocean in the middle of Africa, University of Sydney research explains.
Master and servant relationships among nations   View Summary
4 March 2014
Master nationsMore people are working from outside Australia to provide Australians with consumer goods, than are working within Australia.
February 2014
America and Australia in partnership to save the Tassie devil   View Summary
26 February 2014
Catherine GrueberAn American zoo is partnering with an Australian university to save the Tasmanian devil in the wild.
Lotus leaves and gecko hairs - how nature makes materials    View Summary
19 February 2014
Professor Ullrich SteinerFrom lotus leaves to geckos' feet, the intricate structures of natural materials still hold many secrets that intrigue humans, and can benefit them.
Maths and Science Ambassador a perfect post for Adam Spencer   View Summary
13 February 2014
Adam SpencerAdam Spencer has been appointed as the University of Sydney's Mathematics and Science Ambassador, the first time such a role has been created at an Australian university.
January 2014
Scientists reveal the cause of one of the most devastating pandemics in history   View Summary
28 January 2014
Image of grave goodsModern science has solved a historical cold case by revealing that two of the world's most devastating plagues, the Black Death and Plague of Justinian - each responsible for killing as many as half the people then in Europe - were caused by distinct versions of the same pathogen, Yersinia pestis.
Loner lizards don't light up - the social side of lizards   View Summary
22 January 2014
Image of chameleonOne of the first studies conducted on young reptiles reared without contact with their siblings is challenging the assumption that only mammals and birds are shaped by social interactions.
Scientific excellence recognised with awards    View Summary
21 January 2014
Image from Nature Communications paperThe early-career achievements of three University of Sydney academics, conducting research in veterinary science, geoscience and chemistry, have been recognised with prestigious awards from the Australian Academy of Science.
A first in silicon photonics research   View Summary
16 January 2014
Image from Nature Communications paperAn international research team, led by researchers from the University of Sydney, has observed an on-chip soliton compression in a silicon photonic crystal for the first time.
220 marine scientists raise alarm about NSW recreational fishing   View Summary
14 January 2014
FishMore than 220 marine scientists from across Australia and internationally, including from the University of Sydney, have raised concerns for NSW's marine life if the state government moves to permanently allow recreational fishing in no-take sanctuary zones.
Scapegoating steroids is harmful   View Summary
13 January 2014
Scott GriffithsScapegoating steroid use for violent behaviour distracts us from the debate on alcohol abuse and makes it more difficult for steroid users to come forward, says Scott Griffiths from the University of Sydney's School of Psychology.
Dancing with the stars - astronomy meets choreography at the Sydney Festival    View Summary
8 January 2014
dancers"I might have thought about cosmic choreography, but I never thought I'd be involved in the creation of a dance work," said Dr Helen Johnston, an astronomer from the University of Sydney, commenting on her role in the development of a Sydney Festival production.
Pots and pot shots to benefit Sydney's marine life    View Summary
6 January 2014
FishAre you ready for your close-up, is the question for the starfish and crabs being photographed by submerged cameras on Sydney's foreshore. The images are part of an innovative project by the University of Sydney, to boost marine life on Sydney's foreshore.