2012 Liversidge Lecture: Low Carbon Technologies: From Brown Coal and Biomass to Solar Hydrogen

19 November 2012
Thomas Maschmeyer
Thomas Maschmeyer

Never has the need for low carbon technologies so pressing and research into lowering CO2 emissions associated with power generation, fuels and chemicals production been more important.

Dr. Thomas Maschmeyer, is Professor of Chemistry and ARC Future Fellow at the University of Sydney and serves as Director of the Laboratory of Advanced Catalysis for Sustainability. Dr Maschmeyer is one of the leaders in the global race to develop such technologies, which are based not only on a range of readily available and renewable biomass or solar energy, but also on huge efficiency improvements in the use of fossil-based inputs.

Tonight Dr Maschmeyer will discuss three innovative approaches to improving carbon utilisation:

  • Converting low energy brown coal (lignite) into useful, efficient, high energy oils, chemicals and black coal
  • Converting pulp, paper waste or macro-algae into chemicals and oils suitable for conventional petrochemical operations
  • Engineering nanoparticle surfaces that can facilitate solar powered creation of hydrogen from waste water

Find out how cutting edge research might provide solutions and alternatives to future resource security concerns and greenhouse gas emissions as well as the political and economical ramifications of the continuing reduction in Australian refining and chemicals processing capacity.

Time: 5.45pm for 6pm start. Drinks and canapes in Foyer at 7pm.

Location: Lecture Theatre 101, New Law Building, University of Sydney

Contact: Vanessa Barratt, Faculty of Science

Phone: +61 2 9351 3135

Email: 252b5e13370b26740354042705070d291f12033801036a000f05161b21