Sydney Science Forum - Gorgeous Geometry: Art, Optics & Butterflies

15 August 2012
Sydney Science Forum - Gorgeous Geometry
Sydney Science Forum - Gorgeous Geometry

Presented by Associate Professor Leon Poladian
School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Sydney

Repeating patterns are very popular in art, from the lattice windows and mosaics of the famous Alhambra 14th Century Islamic palace in Spain to the mind-boggling designs of M. C. Escher. Repeating patterns also occur in nature and cause stunning iridescent colours such as those on peacocks, beetles and butterflies when these patterns are the same size as wavelengths of light. Evolution has produced the greatest complexity and diversity of optical phenomena caused by geometry.

Join Associate Professor Poladian on a gorgeous geometric journey from the mathematics of geometry in art to how geometry and optics combine to produce the amazing colours of butterflies.

Time: 5.45pm-6.45pm, Wednesday 15 August 2012

Location: Eastern Avenue Auditorium, University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Contact: Faculty of Science Information Office

Phone: 9351 3021

Email: 3851114a5c3614052c5914383705302b06412f4a4054520c1d1022

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