Sydney Science Forum - Emotional Intelligence: Figuring Fact from Fad

12 September 2012
Sydney Science Forum - Emotional Intelligence
Sydney Science Forum - Emotional Intelligence

Presented by Dr Carolyn MacCann
School of Psychology, the University of Sydney

The idea of 'emotional intelligence' took the world by storm in the mid-1990s. Everyone wanted to know their 'EQ' and was sure that it was much more important to success in life than IQ. Many professionals in human resources, education, clinical psychology and coaching began to believe that emotional skills and competencies, such as emotion management and understanding, were more important for high-level functioning than intelligence and personality. In the intervening years, scientists put these claims under the microscope to work out how important emotional intelligence is. Dr Carolyn MacCann will filter out facts from fads as she reviews the research on emotional intelligence. Does emotional intelligence exist? Can we measure it? Is it really as important to life success as the hype suggests? Find out the different ways that researchers conceptualise and measure emotional intelligence, as well as the usefulness of emotional intelligence in business, education and well-being.

Time: 5.45pm-6.45pm, Wednesday 12 September 2012

Location: Eastern Avenue Auditorium, University of Sydney

Cost: Free

Contact: Faculty of Science Information Office

Phone: 9351 3021

Email: 2a5639212f3323611e1a3b30342420200521134063563e141b595e

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