SciNaPPS Seminar: Developmental Eye Disease - Genes and Networks

15 March 2012

SciNaPPS - Science, Neurology, and Psychiatry/Psychology Seminars - presents this free seminar on developmental eye disease at the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

Presented by Professor Veronica van Heyningen, from the Medical Research Council's Human Genetics Unit in the UK.

Professor Veronica van Heyningen, is at the UK Medical Research Council's Human Genetics Unit, MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Her group's work with human developmental disease brings insight into genetic mechanisms, including cis-regulatory control, revealing the long control regions flanking many developmental regulator genes.

Studies of extra-genic chromosomal rearrangements and non-coding region mutations prompted work, in mouse and zebrafish model systems, on enhancer interactions and transcription factor binding specificity.

Genome-wide target predictions for PAX6 have revealed network complexity and the precision of binding-sequence specificity. Observations of phenotypic variability have led to studies of gene-environment interactions.

Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Location: Level 5 Lecture Theatre, 94 Mallet St, Camperdown.

Cost: Free

Contact: Wayne Reid

Phone: (02) 9114 4006

Email: 1c0e343d0e59282c5f3316110903570c08165432125e3311

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