SciNaPPS Seminar: Seven Years of Alzheimer's Research

9 November 2012

SciNaPPS - Science, Neurology, and Psychiatry/Psychology Seminars - presents this free seminar on Seven Years of Alzheimer's Research

Presented by Professor Jurgen Gotz
Centre for Ageing Dementia Research (CADR), Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), The University of Queensland

ABSTRACT: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is an incurable disease that affects a growing ageing population. Recent clinical strategies include vaccinations and the modulation of the formation, aggregation and clearance of proteins such as Aβ and tau both of which form insoluble deposits. I will discuss how we employed transgenic mouse models to identify underlying pathomechanisms and develop tailored treatment strategies. I will present data that identifies mitochondrial dysfunction as a key mechanism in neurodegeneration.

Recent publications: Neuron 75: 618 (2012); Aging Cell 11: 360 (2012); Nature Reviews Neurosci 12: 65 (2011); Cell 142: 387 (2010); PNAS 107: 13888 (2010); PNAS 106: 20057 (2009); Nature Rev Neurosci 9: 532 (2008); PNAS 105: 15997 (2008); PNAS 104: 19232 (2007)

Time: 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Location: Level 5 Lecture Theatre, 94 Mallet St, Camperdown.

Cost: Free

Contact: Wayne Reid

Phone: (02) 9114 4006

Email: 2e0b0d195119171d22312524522d1621491957100f540a12

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