Over 5 million dollars in grant money awarded to School of Biological Sciences researchers

20 November 2013

In the last month, our academics have been awarded grants from the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council totalling $5,310,820.

"I am thrilled at this outstanding result for new ARC and NHMRC funding for 2014," said Head of Biological Sciences Professor Robyn Overall."It is a reflection of the research power currently in the School." The grants included studies on viruses, alien species, sperm, supply chains and climate change. "Congratulations to all those who have secured funding in this round."

The School of Biological Sciences grants for 2014 include:

ARC Discovery Projects

Associate Professor Peter Banks- Invasion biology: understanding the mechanisms of naiveté towards alien species($422,000)

Professor Chris Dickman- Weathering the perfect storm: mitigating the post-fire impacts of invasive predators on small desert vertebrates ($980,000, includes a Discovery Outstanding Research Award)

Dr Tanya Latty(and others) - Risky Business: Using biological systems to mitigate risk in supply chains and transportation networks($490,000)

Professor Madeleine Beekman and Associate Professor Nathan Lo- Intergenomic conflict and the evolution of uniparental inheritance of mitochondria($358,000)

Professor Mats Olsson(and others) - Packed to perform: the effects of telomere traits and free radicals on sperm phenotypes, fertilization success, and offspring viability($621,094)

Professor Eddie Holmes(and others) - Defining the evolution of pathogen virulence to enhance rabbit biocontrol($595,000)

Professor Frank Seebacher(and others) - How does the interaction between environmental drivers determine the impact of global change on animals? ($437,000)

ARC Discovery Indigenous Project

Associate Professor Ross Coleman(and others) - Climate change research: the response of Australian molluscs to the synergistic stressors of climate change($593,000)

NHMRC Project Grant

Professor Eddie Holmes(and others) - Black Death genomics and the evolution of pathogen virulence ($510,130)

NHMRC Early Career Fellowship

Dr John-Sebastian Eden- Integrating genotype and phenotype in clinical molecular epidemiology ($304,596)