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February 2016
Uncovering bandicoots in Sydney's Inner West   View Summary
23 February 2016
Long-nosed bandicoots are endangered in the inner west of SydneyBandicoots can live in urban environments but the only sign of their passing may be a conical shaped hole in your lawn. A new online survey has been launched to collect information about a population of Long-nosed bandicoots in the inner west.
Oceans apart - sampling the Hawksbill Turtle's genetic diversity   View Summary
5 February 2016
Eight genetically distinct populations of hawksbill turtles have been identified in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. The study by researchers from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences has revealed connections between populations in different oceans and identified management units for conservation.
January 2016
Researchers stop threatened lizards eating toxic cane toads   View Summary
12 January 2016
School of Life and Environmental Sciences researchers have taught free-ranging goannas to avoid eating poisonous cane toads about to invade their study area - a floodplain in the remote Kimberley wilderness in the Northern Territory.