School Seminar Series: Transgenerational memory in C. elegans

6 June 2014

Dr Alyson Ashe
School of Molecular Bioscience, University of Sydney
Seminar title: Transgenerational memory in C. elegans

Internal speaker, to RSVP for lunch contact Emily Remnant

It has recently become clear that in some circumstances Lamarck may have been right. There are a growing number of examples where a clear case can be made for the inheritance from parent to offspring of environmentally acquired gene expression changes. The more complex and outbred the organism however, the more difficult this inheritance is to study. I am studying this phenomenon using a model organism, the nematode C. elegans, and will present data showing two clear cases of transgenerational memory as well as some clues to the mechanism by which this may occur. In addition, I will present some recent data concerning the possibility of inherited immunity to viral infection, using the first virus known to naturally infect C. elegans in the wild.

Time: 1-2pm

Location: DTAnderson Lecture Theatre (A08)