Messages from senior staff

Chief Information Officer Bruce Meikle provides an update on the systems outages caused by hardware failure last week, as well as ICT's response to the large number of audiovisual support requests this year. More

Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence announces that Professor Greg Whitwell from UNSW has accepted our offer to become Dean of the University of Sydney Business School. More

Read the Vice-Chancellor's update from SEG, listing some of the decisions and discussions at the two SEG meetings held in March. More

The Vice-Chancellor announces two important appointments to the University's leadership team. As, respectively, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar), Professor Pip Pattison and Professor Tyrone Carlin will play significant roles in our efforts to deliver an outstanding education and overall university experience for our students. More

Since we launched the new AP&D process in late 2012, we have received positive feedback about the core mentoring principle that underpins it: to help colleagues achieve their potential and professional goals through enabling meaningful, review conversations and identifying development opportunities. More

Although it is still more than four weeks until the start of Semester One, the University is already well into its stride for 2014. Senate held its first meeting of the year earlier this week, and SEG met last Thursday. Such meetings provide useful opportunities to reflect on the previous year's achievements and to take them forward for the new year. More

Over the past 18 months the University Librarian, Anne Bell, has been talking with staff across all the library's sites about what it means to be a successful 21st-century research library. This week, the library has published a draft change proposal as part of wider changes to provide library services more in tune with the needs of today's students and researchers. More