Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences change proposal

11 August 2014

The Division of Natural Sciences published a draft change proposal recently to address financial, organisational, curriculum and teaching issues in Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences. In a message to staff, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Stephen Garton explained the reasons behind the proposal.

"Cutting edge research and the teaching of future generations of leaders in the life sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and the Schools of Biological Sciences, Molecular Bioscience and Geosciences in the Faculty of Science are absolutely integral to our vision of what makes this University special," he wrote.

"For some considerable time, however, it has been clear that the University has been struggling to address a variety of structural problems confronting these disciplines.

"Addressing organisational, curriculum and teaching issues is the necessary pre-condition for persuading the University to consider future infrastructure investment. The proposal is, in our view, one that balances our desire to preserve the existing faculty structure yet bind the constituent parts into a shared future to ensure the viability of teaching and research in these fields."

If you have any questions about the change proposal, please email