Message from the HR Director: industrial action on 7 March; your response required

8 March 2013

As foreshadowed in my message of 5 March, I am writing to seek confirmation from you in relation to your attendance at work or otherwise on 7 March 2013.

Under the Fair Work Act, it is unlawful for the University to pay staff who engage in industrial action, and it is unlawful for those staff to accept payment.

Fines of up to $10,200 can be imposed on individual staff who are paid for any period during which they have taken industrial action, so it is most important that you provide accurate information.

A web form has been created to capture your response. If you do not fill in and submit this form by 14 March, the University will assume that you took industrial action on 7 March and a deduction will be made from your pay to cover the period of the industrial action.

If you have any questions about arrangements for 7 March, please speak to your supervisor or HR adviser.

Yours sincerely,

Boyd Williams