We join The Conversation

21 November 2013

I'm pleased to announce that the University of Sydney has joined The Conversation as a member. 

Since launch The Conversation has published nearly 828 articles from 379 University of Sydney authors attracting 2.6 million page views. It has become Australia's most visited independent news and analysis website.

The Conversation is a not-for-profit media site that better shares the knowledge and research of the entire university and research sector. It helps its readers to be informed on "live" and complex current affairs and public policy issues. All articles are republished openly under creative commons and many academics have received media follow up after publication. With mainstream media in a fragile state, this direct pipeline of trusted content to the public will be increasingly valuable.

At the same time, we have restructured our Marketing and Communications team to better position the University in the media and among our key audiences. We see our support for The Conversation as an opportunity for us to not only engage in and lead public debate, but also to support new media which relies on quality research as a source of content, especially important at this critical time for the mainstream media. 

Our Media and PR staff will continue to promote our work in mainstream media, and are currently developing new training programs to assist staff with an established media profile as well as those who wish to build one to promote their work. Their focus will include The Conversation, but also other important media outlets widely read by key audiences such as future students and alumni.

Our active participation in all of these platforms will help support engaged enquiry as well as increase our capacity to influence public debate and, through that debate, public policy.

I encourage you to participate by registering as an author and pitch your article ideas to the editorial team who will be working with the university.

For assistance with media or to enquire about support in developing a media profile for your work, please contact Head of Media and PR Kirsten Andrews.

Yours sincerely

Michael Spence