Staff in the new SAM

21 October 2013

The latest Sydney Alumni Magazine highlights just a few of our leading researchers and teachers.

  • Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Professor Mark Adams discusses how the biggest threat to Australia's biodiversity is not climate change but fire, and he argues that we need a new bushfire strategy - one which deprives fires of fuel.
  • Peter Fray, former editor of the SMH and now Adjunct Professor at the University, says the media needs to restore public trust and discusses the research that may aid this process
  • Meet forensic archaeologist and Pompeii expert Estelle Lazer, who spends most of her working life locked away in dusty vaults, trying to give ancient civilisations the life they deserve.
  • Read about how Associate Professor James Curran's charismatic computer science classes have become the stuff of legend.

This edition of SAM is also the very first to be available on iPad. You can download the iPad edition from the App Store and each edition comes with exclusive digital content.

For more information visit the SAM website.