Supporting students in the exam period

4 November 2013

As Semester Two 2013 draws to a close and the University enters the exam period, students will appreciate your advice and support. Below are some answers to common questions to help you guide your students through their exams.

1) When will students sit their exams?

  • The exam period commences Monday 11 November and concludes Saturday 23 November.
  • Students can access examination timetables on the University website or through the Sydney Uni App.

2) Where will students sit their exams?

  • Students can find out the location of their exam and seat number, by logging onto My Uni and clicking on the 'Admin' icon under 'Applications'.
  • Pop-up maps in MyUni and the permanent lecture and exam room look-up facility are helpful if students are unfamiliar with their exam location.

3) What examination policies and procedures do students need to observe?

4) What do I need to know about special consideration?

  • Information about the University's principles, policies and procedures for dealing with cases of special consideration can be found on the University website.
  • Students can download the special consideration form and access FAQs here.

5) What procedures should I follow for arranging and supervising exams?

  • Examination supervisor manuals and information on the formal exam process and 'in department' exams can be found on the University website.

6) When will Semester Two results be released?

  • Unit of study results (marks and grades) are released progressively from Monday 25 November, and most complete and final results are published by Tuesday 10 December.
  • Students can view their results by logging onto MyUni, selecting 'Admin' (under Applications), then 'Unit of Study Results'.

7) Where can students access counselling and support?

For further support, please contact the Exams Office.