Creating a sustainable University

14 November 2013

This year the University has embarked on a number of environmental sustainability initiatives primarily aimed at improving energy efficiency, limiting our carbon emissions and ensuring our built environment is more sustainable.

The following strategies were initiated in 2013:

  • A sustainability reporting platform was implemented to monitor university-wide energy and water use and report our carbon emissions.
  • Participation in the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, which generated over $120,000 worth of Energy Savings Certificates from a range of energy efficiency projects. Funds raised through the scheme will be reinvested in further sustainability projects.
  • New smart-metering system for buildings to provide real-time energy and water-use data online.
  • A sustainable transport and mobility plan for the Darlington and Camperdown campuses, focusing on strategies to support more active and less carbon intensive transport options such as a cycling, walking, public transport and car-pooling.
  • A customisable sustainability framework tool to measure project sustainability performance of new buildings against a range of environmental criteria.
  • An energy master plan to secure energy supply to meet the University's future growth to 2020.
  • Low carbon strategy to deploy solar power across suitable Camperdown and Darlington campus buildings in 2014.

How can you help?

  • Spare 10 minutes of your time to take our workplace sustainability survey, which will provide the University Sustainability team with useful feedback.
  • Join the Sustainable Workplace Group. Contact Brigitte Bambridge for more information.
  • Power down! Switch off your lights in unoccupied rooms or when leaving your workplace, switch off your computer each night when you leave, and activate energy saving settings on your computer.
  • Coordinate shut-down of non-essential lighting and air conditioning in your workplace over the Christmas (either through local controls or by logging a work request with Campus Assist).