Healthy people, healthy places, healthy policies

11 December 2013

Dr Michael Spence (far right) addresses Healthy Sydney University colleagues

Colleagues joined Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence yesterday to celebrate one year of progress and achievements for Healthy Sydney University, which aims to implement strategies supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of the University community.

Among the main achievements for 2013, students and staff in the four working groups (More More Sit Less, Mental Wellbeing, Eat Better, Embedding) supported a travel and physical behaviour survey, undertook an evaluation of the Global Corporate Challenge and launched the Mental Wellbeing working group on World Mental Health Day.

"We've actually now achieved concrete actions and practical solutions that will change how we think and do business in the University," said project leader Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn.

Dr Spence paid tribute to students and colleagues for supporting and contributing to the project over and above their studies and day-to-day jobs.

"What warms the heart about this initiative is not just that it involves professional and academic staff and also students, and organisations, that cut a slice right across the University; but also that it begins to live what it is that we're learning, and learns too from the way that we live," said Dr Spence.

"I look forward to when the Charles Perkins Centre opens and we can show that this isn't just a whole lot of theory, this isn't just giving advice, this is actually beginning to effect the way that we as individuals live, and therefore the way our community lives more generally," he said.

Planned Healthy Sydney University actions for 2014 include working with Campus Infrastructure and Services to implement a bicycle loan scheme and embed health into our building design standards, working with the Institute of Teaching and Learning and faculties to incorporate health into our graduate attributes, and piloting menu kilojoule labelling in University of Sydney Union food outlets on campus.

Find out more and get involved in our healthy future here, or join the Healthy Sydney University Yammer group.