University professor awarded Australia's biggest skeptic

11 December 2013

Sydney School of Public Health researcher Professor Simon Chapman has been awarded Australian Skeptic of the Year at the annual Australian Skeptics Conference.

The Skeptic of the Year award goes to the individual or group that has "done the most for skepticism" in Australia during the last year.

Professor Chapman, from the University's School of Public Health, has undertaken extensive research into the communication of public health issues by the media. He has demonstrated great concern through his efforts to improve the understanding of important public health issues including tobacco control, alcohol, swine flu, anti-vaccination beliefs and more.

He earned his nomination for his recent research into so-called 'wind-turbine syndrome', and his initiatives to educate the public about the psychogenic aspects of the syndrome which have been clearly discounted.

Past winners of the Australian Skeptic of the Year award include Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty.