What will our campus look like in 2020?

31 January 2014

The recently released 2014-20 Campus Improvement Program (CIP) proposal outlines plans for a campus environment that meets the research, educational, recreational and cultural needs of the Camperdown-Darlington Campus and the University community.

The seven-year plan considers our future building and infrastructure needs, and also looks at issues such as pedestrian and cycle paths, parking, heritage, sustainability, improved public spaces and community access.

The CIP outlines six campus precincts that will deliver new collaborative buildings and infrastructure for our faculties. Within each precinct, the CIP proposes appropriate 'building envelopes' to accommodate teaching and learning spaces, research facilities, student accommodation and a wide range of other supporting services.

CIP Project Director Stephane Kerr explains that these precinct envelopes define the maximum footprint and height that a future building can fit into, and are designed to ensure that new buildings have a contextual relationship with adjoining buildings and public spaces.

"The proposal shows our commitment to invest in development and infrastructure, and to deliver future excellence in teaching and research, while maintaining our University's unique heritage," says Stephane, a member of the Campus Infrastructure and Services team.

"Our vision for the future is a campus that continues to delight and inspire students, staff, visitors and the wider community, as it has done for many years."

The CIP proposal has been lodged as a State Significant Development application with the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, who have placed the plan on exhibition for public comment from 30 January to 28 February 2014.

You can view copies of the proposal in the foyer of the University's G12 Services Building, 22 Codrington Street, Darlington.

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