Sydney Teaching Colloquium: is our assessment up to standard?

7 May 2014

You are invited to submit a proposal for a presentation for this year's Sydney Teaching Colloquium which showcases your innovative assessment and feedback practices.

Proposals from across all domains of University learning (undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and research higher degrees) can be submitted by Friday 4 July. Collaborations between students, academics and professional staff are especially welcome.

The fourth annual Sydney Teaching Colloquium, held from 29 to 30 September this year, will be a lively opportunity for colleagues to discuss how assessment standards can address practical challenges in teaching and curriculum and ask whether our approach to assessment at unit, program and course levels is supporting an 'engaged enquiry' learning experience for all students.

"It's a great opportunity to hear about innovations, tricks and tips from across the University - I've always come back with great new ideas from disciplines completely unrelated to mine," says the Faculty of Science's Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman, a presenter at last year's colloquium.

"It's also a wonderful chance to think and talk with colleagues about teaching, something we don't seem to ever have time for. The highlights are usually the sessions involving students, which often reveal far more than evaluations ever do."

Find out more about the 2014 Sydney Teaching Colloquium and how you can submit a proposal.