Contact Centre opens for Student Recruitment

2 July 2014

Last month Student Recruitment and Admissions (SR&A) opened a state-of-the-art Contact Centre in the Jane Foss Russell Building on Darlington Campus.

Several months in the planning, it brings together staff from different recruitment teams across the University. It also creates a single centralised phone number for future student enquiries. Prospective students interested in studying at the University can now call 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) and speak to recruitment experts about their options.

"Before the new contact centre opened, our efforts were spread across two separate recruitment teams. Now we can work together in one place and quickly share information with each other. It's an exciting step, and means we can offer a better experience for future students," said Jillian Robinson, Contact and Customer Service Manager in the Future Student Contact Centre.

Project sponsor Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar) Professor Tyrone Carlin spoke about the development of the new contact centre:

"Our new contact centre offers a professional and centralised service for future students. We've been able to take an organisation-wide approach to setting it up - faculties have been on the journey with us to get it going, as we look to grow the service offered to include 'tier one' general enquiries from future students that are currently handled by faculties."

Core hours of the Contact Centre are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, though the centre will also have extended hours during peak periods, for example during the release of final results for high school students.

As the centre settles in over the next few months, it is projected that it will handle in excess of 60,000 calls each year in addition to large volumes of web form and email traffic. With tailored daily reporting in place, the University will be able to gather a greater amount of information on how it manages calls (for example, information about call duration, the purpose of calls, etc), which in turn will enable us to provide an even better level of support for future students by further tailoring our service offering. Additionally, with the establishment of the Contact Centre the University now has the opportunity to 'in source' (from a third party provider) the management of International future students, allowing closer partnering with these prospects through access to in-house expertise and insights, as well as providing a more flexible and superior customer service experience to them.

During the Semester Two enrolment window, the Contact Centre will also provide telephone support for students who will be using a range of new online self-service processes, including online enrolment. These services are part of the broader rollout of Release 3 of the Sydney Student Program, scheduled for later this month. A dedicated team of nine additional staff will join colleagues in the Future Student Contact Centre to provide a centralised self-service helpline for our students during the enrolment period.

Information for future students and studying at the University is available on our Future Students website.

The project to create the Contact Centre is part of the Administrative Services Program. To find out more about the new Contact Centre or ask a question, email the project team or call John Boult.