Heritage on our doorstep: have your say on our heritage policy

7 March 2013

From its establishment in the 1850s until the present day, the University of Sydney has a tradition of preserving its building heritage.

The University is currently updating its heritage management policy as part of its longstanding commitment to conserving this heritage, and invites comments on the draft of this revised policy. Once finalised, the policy will lay out the University's heritage asset management strategy for coming years.

"Reviewing the University's heritage policy couldn't be more timely," explains the University's heritage architect, Chris Legge-Wilkinson from Campus Infrastructure and Services.

"The University is pursuing several large-scale building projects to develop new state-of-the art facilities. It is important that we simultaneously work to preserve our historical architectural integrity."

The policy has several important aims, including:

  • to lay out a clear policy that reaffirms the University's commitment to protecting its heritage buildings/sites and heritage items (ie furniture and other moveable objects)
  • to detail principles and strategies that will be applied University-wide
  • to outline the role and responsibilities of the Heritage Advisory Group
  • to establish a policy that is fully aligned with the policies of the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).

Since the foundations were laid for the Quadrangle, the University's architecture has been constantly evolving and today encompasses styles that include Gothic revival, Arts and Crafts, Italianate, Mediterranean, Modern, Brutalist, Late-modern and Postmodern.

If you would like to comment on the draft policy, please contact Chris Legge-Wilkinson before 5 April 2013. The finalised Heritage Management Policy 2013 will be issued in May.