NSW bushfires - access to emergency services leave

24 October 2013

Staff responding to the NSW bushfire crisis as volunteer firefighters or who are involved with other authorised emergency management activities (such as State Emergency Service operations) are entitled to apply for Emergency Services Leave.

You can apply for this leave through myHRonline. Please note if you are called upon at short notice, please report your absence to your supervisor and submit a formal online application when you return to duty.

Emergency services leave is usually limited to three days of paid leave, with additional time being unpaid if the circumstances are reasonable. Given the gravity of the NSW bushfire situation, the Vice-Chancellor has authorised HR to approve additional paid leave for staff volunteering with a recognised emergency management organisation during this time on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to request additional paid leave, send an email to the Director, Human Resources (cc. your manager) outlining your request and including a copy of your certificate from the relevant emergency management organisation detailing your participation in the emergency response.

Special leave provisions may also be of assistance to staff personally affected by the fires. You can apply for this leave by completing a leave booking form.

Please contact your HR Relationship Advisor if you have any questions.