Fringe benefits tax (FBT) and Melbourne Cup/Christmas functions

25 October 2013

Christmas and Melbourne Cup functions paid for by the University are subject to FBT.

When processing payments please use the following code to ensure FBT is paid on these events, '5900 Entmnt&Meal FBT Eligible'. Please do not use class '5400 Services Catering'.

As outlined in the Finance and Accounting Manual (FAM) Procurement: Non-Allowable Expense Procedures, two annual staff functions are allowable University expenses (including Christmas functions and alcohol). This is subject to a function limit of $55 per head plus FBT from University funds in conjunction with formal approval by a head of school or head of administrative unit.

Further information is available in the FAM Tax - FBT Guide by contacting Jenny McKechnie, Financial Control and Treasury on 9351 2419.