EA implementation update: changes to 'scheduled days off' for professional staff

23 January 2014

Under the new Enterprise Agreement, 'scheduled days off' (SDOs) for professional staff covered by the agreement have been replaced with 'flexible time off'.

This initiative provides greater flexibility for the University and professional staff in relation to working hours, and in how staff members and their supervisors can discuss the pattern of hours worked, when staff accrue time and when they take time off. Staff can still take 'flexible time off' as a whole day.

While you must be at work during the core hours set for your area, you have flexibility in terms of your attendance outside of core hours, subject to agreement with your supervisor. If you have obtained your supervisor's prior approval, you may accrue time by working additional hours and then take 'flexible time off' during core hours. Please note that all hours worked and absences must be recorded locally for accrual and audit purposes. If you take a full day of 'flexible time off', you should record that on myHRonline (as was previously the case for SDOs).

If you wish to participate in a 'flexible time off' arrangement, you should discuss this with your supervisor. For further information, please contact the HR Contact Centre on 1300 850 484 or

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