Wireless microphones in lecture theatres may be unusable on Tuesday 18 March

17 March 2014

The University's wireless microphones may experience interference when teaching staff use them on Tuesday 18 March as a result of changes made to the broadcast frequencies of Sydney television stations (part of the government's nationwide roll-out of digital TV).

While ICT will do its best to proactively update wireless microphone devices and avoid interference, you may hear static or other kinds of unwanted noise when you turn on wireless lapel or handheld microphones tomorrow. If this happens, please follow the steps below:

  1. Report the issue to the ICT helpdesk on ext 16000.
    Have your building and room number ready so ICT can send a staff member to your location as soon as possible to fix the issue. Reporting affected lecture theatres enables us to identify and fix the microphones and avoid interference to future classes held in the same location.
  2. Use the AMX touch panel to mute all wireless (lapel or handheld) microphones in the room.
    This will prevent static being recorded during echo360 lecture recordings.
  3. Use the lectern microphone to deliver your lecture/class.
    If there are multiple wireless microphones in the room and you need one to deliver your class, you can test if one of them works by unmuting them one by one until the static/noise returns. Mute any microphones that broadcast static and continue using the one that works.

ICT apologise for the interruptions that this change will cause to the teaching spaces and will endeavour to fix any reported issues as quickly as possible. Unfortunately ICT are unable to change the frequencies of the University's wireless microphones before the change of broadcast frequencies, as that would risk causing the microphones to stop working immediately.