Difficulty with Outlook meeting requests

25 October 2012

Do you delegate access to your Outlook calendar to others? Have you upgraded your iPhone or iPad to the latest operating system, iOS6, or started using an iPhone 5?

You might have noticed that some of the meetings you have been invited to or declined have been incorrectly cancelled or removed from your calendar or the calendar of others. Apple is aware of the issue and is working with Microsoft to find a solution, here are three tips to help in the interim:

  • remove all delegates from being associated with your calendar, or
  • allow only delegates to manage meeting requests for your calendar (do not decline invitations yourself), or
  • if this is a major issue for you, turn off any device with iOS6 that you have associated with your Exchange account.

If you have not yet updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS6, you may choose to defer this upgrade until Apple has provided a fix for the Outlook issue.

Updates on the issue will be provided on the Information and Communications Technology website.