Charles Perkins Centre - update

17 May 2013

The Charles Perkins Centre is delighted to welcome nutritional ecologist Professor David Raubenheimer as its first new chair.

David brings to the centre a wealth of knowledge gained across the globe working with a vast array of exotic animals. Find out more about David and how his work on the evolution of animals helps explain the nutritional biology patterns of food selection. He is taking up the first of several chairs that will be funded by the proceeds of the 2011 sale of a Picasso donated to the University to raise funds for scientific research.

Another new face is Dr Ian Garthwaite, who will lead the development of the new labs in the Charles Perkins Centre's research and education hub, which is set to open in early 2014.

Ian, also a keen adventurer, is a former biomedical researcher who understands working in a lab from a researcher's point of view.

Meanwhile, the cross-disciplinary research work of thecentre is steaming ahead at all levels with five undergraduates recently completing a scholarship program.

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