Meet our staff: Adrian Cuenca

22 May 2013

Meet Adrian Cuenca, Injury Management Coordinator within the Injury Management and Workers Compensation Group of the Human Resources unit.

Adrian may look familiar to you because his image appears in the 'Your employment' section of the Intranet. He took part in our March staff photo shoot along with many other staff members from a variety of divisions.

What do you do in your role?

As an Injury Management Coordinator I look to ensure that every member of staff who suffers a workplace related injury achieves a safe, timely and sustainable return to work. My role ensures that I act as a focal point, bringing together injured staff members, supervisors and treating practitioners, with the aim of finding durable solutions at times when our members of staff need the University's support the most.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The aspect I enjoy most about my role is the variety that it brings. A typical day for me could involve performing an ergonomic assessment of a staff members workstation in the morning, followed up with a meeting with a supervisor to discover what duties are available for an injured staff member, then onto a doctors surgery in Glebe for a medical case conference with a treating doctor and staff member and finally back to my desk to write up a return to work plan. There is never a quiet moment and the variety in my day-to-day, hour-to-hour always keeps me on my feet.

Where is your favourite place?

My favourite place would simply be any place in which I could be surrounded by my mates, with a few beers and plenty of food. Which means pretty much anywhere!

Tell us about the best meal you've ever had.

The best meal I have ever had would probably be in Sevilla, Spain. We stumbled upon this roadside restaurant on our way back from touring the Alhambra in Granada. Grilled prawns, jamon (Spanish prosciutto for the non-foodies) and sepia (cuttlefish). Best 65 Euros ever spent.

What's been your greatest achievement

My greatest achievement would have to have been the fact that I had visited 6 continents on Earth (there are 7) by the time I was 17. Maybe that should be more my parents' achievement since they paid for the trips! But I'll claim it anyway.

What's the one thing about you that would surprise people who have just met you?

I think one thing that would surprise people who have just met me is that I am in reality NOT Clark Kent (aka Superman). I think it's the glasses.