National Cyber Security Awareness Week: staying safe online

23 May 2013

This week isNational Cyber Security Awareness Week. Here are some tips on how you can stay safe on the internet at work.
  • Keep your UniKey password private. You are responsible for all activity attached to your UniKey, so if you think it has been compromised you shouldreset your UniKey passwordand contact the ICT helpdesk on 9351 6000.
  • Don't store personal or financial information on your computer or laptop. If it's lost or stolen, the information goes with it. Instead store it on a secure network drive or, if you're a researcher, the Research Data Store (RDS).
  • Beware ofphishing attacks. The University will never ask you to provide passwords or private information by email. If you do receive and respond to a phishing email, you shouldreset your UniKey passwordand contact the ICT helpdesk.
  • Never send passwords via email. For more information take a look at theInformation Security Policyor contact theInformation Security team.