Further information on University's proposed EA

15 August 2013

In an article in today's Australian, the NTEU has repeated an assertion about our meeting on Tuesday which is incorrect.

At that meeting, I made it very clear that the University was offering to increase staff salaries by 2.9 percent under the next enterprise agreement. This offer will stand regardless of whether agreement is reached by 30 August.

What will be off the table after 30 August is the offer to backdate the salary increase to July 2013. 

This was not "brinkmanship". It would be irresponsible to give any undertakings about backpay that would have effect after the federal election.  There is a very real chance that our budget will be cut further by an incoming government and so, while I am absolutely committed to the 2.9 percent, I cannot guarantee any backpay at all after the election.  These are tough times and I do not think that is understood by the local branch leadership. 

I firmly believe that the offer on the table is a good deal for staff, and encourage you all to familiarise yourself with the details to come to your own view. You will see that it maintains our position as the University with the best pay and conditions of any in the country.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Spence