Progress on the Administrative Services Program

5 September 2013

Find out about recent progress on changing three important areas of our administrative services so they are as effective as possible in enhancing the student experience and supporting learning, research and teaching excellence across the University.

By transforming how we coordinate our work in marketing and communications, student recruitment and admissions, and student administration, we will also be able to provide much-improved development and career opportunities for our professional staff, so that we can attract, retain and develop the best people.

Marketing and communications

Integrated marketing and communications will enable us to enhance our reputation and influence in the community and increase engagement with our key audiences.

A new marketing and communications structure will be fully operational later this year, and we have already established a leadership team for that service, under Director of Marketing and Communications, Marian Theobald.

Student recruitment and admissions

More coordinated student recruitment and admissions will support our goal to attract and retain the most promising students both domestically and internationally. The final change plan has been released, and some senior appointments have already been made, including Michelle Carlin (Director of Student Recruitment), Kate Wylie (Director of Admissions) and Leonie Patrick (Director of International Services). Hiring for the remaining roles in the new organisation is underway.

Student administration services

An efficient, effective provision of student administration services enhances the overall student experience by minimising the time and effort they need to spend on administrative tasks of their University life and maximise the time and effort they can devote to learning and research pursuits.

By the end of 2013, we will have a high-level view of how to deliver student administration services in the future so that we can better meet students' expectations. We want to make sure this area is fully coordinated with the Sydney Student Program, and more detailed planning and consultation will begin in early 2014.

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