New higher education quality assurance agency commences operations

11 August 2011

On 31 July the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) commenced operations.

TEQSA has been established by the Australian government as the new national regulator and quality assurance agency for higher education.

TEQSA will soon be responsible for the regulatory functions previously undertaken by the states and territories, and the quality assurance activities undertaken by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA).

AUQA's staff and resources are to be transferred to TEQSA and state-based regulatory bodies will shortly cease independent operations.

TEQSA will apply an approach to the registration of higher education providers and quality assurance that is based on minimum national standards and an assessment of risk.

The University was heavily engaged with the policy development and parliamentary processes that led to the establishment of TEQSA. The University continues to participate actively in the government and higher education policy arenas, as TEQSA now looks to develop the various standards that will underpin its operations.

Examples of our engagement with the formation of TEQSA and its emerging standards can be found on our Government Relations and Higher Education Policy website.

Further general information is also available on the TEQSA website.