Virtual desktops now available for all students

29 September 2011

Course-specific software is now available in more locations because more students have access to 'virtual desktop' technology.

Starting this week, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is providing all students access to their own virtual desktop - new technology that will significantly change the way students work on campus. Wherever the virtual desktop is available, students can access hundreds of software applications that were previously only available in specific teaching labs. Students can personalise their own Windows 7 environment by changing things like language, appearance settings and bookmarks. These settings will be there each time they log onto their virtual desktops.

The virtual desktop service is available in four locations: Wentworth Learning Hub, and the Madsen, Law and Cumberland access labs. The virtual desktops will also be introduced into the new 'Learning Network' spaces next year.

For more information visit the Student IT website.