2012 budget and staffing update

1 December 2011

You will probably have seen a message from the local branch of the NTEU regarding the changes we are proposing in response to the University's financial challenges, about which I spoke to staff in my video message last week.

It is unfortunate that the NTEU mail-out seems to result from a mix of misinformation and misunderstanding. Specific responses are included in a Q&A, and I would ask you to consider the information there.

The NTEU is also calling for various forms of protest action. While I would not want to prevent any staff member from expressing their opinion I would ask that this be done in a collegial manner, respecting the right of others to hold differing opinions and to act in accord with the best interests of the University as they understand them.

It is also important that staff are aware that where protest action is scheduled during normal working hours, any unauthorised absence from work will be unprotected industrial action under the Fair Work Act. Where a staff member takes unprotected industrial action, the University is legally required to deduct a minimum of four hours' pay.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Spence

Vice-Chancellor and Principal