A message from the Vice-Chancellor: Final Change Plan

4 May 2012

The current change plan is proceeding as previously advised and next Monday, 23 academic staff will receive offers of voluntary redundancy and a further 20 academic staff will receive offers to accept a teaching-focused role as an alternative to a voluntary redundancy. These have been hard decisions and have not been taken lightly.

As you will know, in settling the recent Fair Work Australia proceedings, the University agreed with the NTEU to undertake further consultation with academic staff who are affected by the budget-related change process. That consultation process has now been completed, and following consideration of comments and submissions received from directly affected staff and other staff in their work groups, five staff whose positions were being considered for redundancy or teaching-focused roles will now retain their existing teaching and research roles; and eight staff whose positions were being considered for redundancy will instead be offered teaching-focused roles.

As well, you should note that offers of voluntary redundancy have already been agreed by 32 academic staff and offers of teaching-focused roles have been agreed by 35 academic staff. A number of other academic staff have agreed to pre-retirement contracts.

More information about the consultation process and the proposed changes is set out in Appendix 2 to the updated Final Change Plan.

I very much regret the financial circumstances that have necessitated these decisions and am sorry for the distress that they must cause.


Your sincerely,

Michael Spence